株式会社ミニモ Minimo ltd.  

代表取締役:江本 聞夫
President:Kikuo EMOTO
Address::29-3-403 Takahamadai, Hiratsuka-shi


  1. 電気自動車、電動ビークルの開発、コンサルティング
  2. 自動車、2輪車のデザイン開発
  3. 工業デザイン開発
  4. 3Dデジタルデザイン開発

Minimo's Business Activities

  1. Development and Consulting for Electric Vehicles
    Leveraging over 25 years of experience in electric vehicle development and the network of people and resources cultivated therein, Minimo engages in the development of electrically powered vehicles.
  2. Design and Development of Automobiles and Motorcycles
    In the field of automotive design, which demands specialized knowledge and skills within industrial design, we provide development services for all stages of the process.
  3. Industrial Design Development
    We develop designs for a wide range of industrial products. Additionally, we offer coordination for total development from planning to sales for small and medium-sized enterprises, and we welcome various consultations from a design management perspective.
  4. 3D Digital Design Development
    Utilizing expertise in digital design acquired from experience in automotive design, we undertake tasks such as 3D surface data creation and reverse data creation from physical prototypes.